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2655 100th St
Urbandale, IA 50322


CR Laine Furniture

<strong>CR Laine Furniture</strong>

High Style sofas, chairs, sectionals, dining chairs in fabric and leather set this company apart and is anything but a “typical” manufacturer. Their website is very easy to navigate, and we carry the largest variety of in-stock supply in the state. They have really cornered the market on the performance fabrics, so whether you have kids or pets, your investment will be easy to clean and maintain for years. It is what I call one of the “Great 8’s” as their products are eight-way hand tied. And, the cushion core options are available for any level of comfort and firmness you like. The ottomans in their line are extensive and perfect for “your feet, or your seat!”

Artis was the first and only supplier for this brand when it came to Des Moines over 40+ years! We have enjoyed watching this company grow, invest, and diversify over the years. This great family owned company’s manufacturing facility is in Hickory, North Carolina.

I can’t say enough about the selection, quality and customer service they bring to us at Artis.


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