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Why we want you to shop online BUT BUY FROM ARTIS

First of all, we urge you to shop, browse, and even get a sense of pricing for the certain brands online. We absolutely love that the large budget online retail MARKETING companies (like Wayfair, Houzz, Amazon) are spending their advertising budgets on lines we carry. After all, online point-and-click sales is their business.

I can guarantee you one thing: at Artis Furniture, we know we have savvy shoppers, and we can guarantee you our regular everyday pricing will meet or beat anything you find online with the brands we carry. We also do the shopping for you. If you find a piece online, we will tell you if we can meet that price. If we can’t, we will gladly explain to you why and believe me you will find the value in our honesty.

When it comes to the actual purchasing of furniture and home goods online, you could experience a nightmare, and we have heard many tales of such nightmares! Let’s just discuss shipping and receiving. When items are shipped, they could experience freight damage. I could write pages on the hoops you have to jump through to return an item bought online. For instance,  if you have discarded the packaging, it will be difficult to return and most likely, you will have to pay someone to package the item, and will most likely have to pay for the shipping back to the company.

You are sure to wait weeks or months for a pickup and getting your item returned to you. More-so, if your purchased item has a repair issue after a few months or a few years, what do you do?  Good luck getting your questions answered or your investment warrantied or serviced by the online company! This is just one problem.

At Artis Furniture, we unpack and inspect each item we receive with great care. If something is damaged, we take care of this before it’s off our dock. If an item does get to your home and we missed something, (it has happened!) we will take care of the issue right away with our local service techs, or we will send it back to the manufacturer at zero expense to you.

What about how the furniture feels, how it sits, the comfort, the true color, the true material—do you really know over a screen?

Nope. Plus, any customization on a sofa, chair, case good has the same or longer lead times in your receiving than buying from a brick and mortar store. We go to furniture markets and test sit in everything. We know the quality and feel and have so many frames for you to try out.

We will also give you our cell phone numbers so you can reach out to us anytime—yes, even after regular business hours! We want our customers to get the answers they want when they want them. Word of mouth advertising is part of our marketing, and satisfied customers provide us that superb value.

We see new websites popping up every day featuring the brands we carry. Our QUALITY manufacturers’ RELY on us—the brick and mortar stores, the interior designers, the experienced sales staff—as we are a reflection of their companies. Even the higher end online retailers cannot beat our pricing—that I can guarantee!

We believe in transparency when it comes to business. Our name is on the building, and we are still here, celebrating 90 years. My father Bill is a walking time capsule of this industry. Reach out anytime with questions on anything you find online. We will tell you the other side!

We believe in building lifetime relationships. We develop our personal relationships in and around the furniture within our home. For instance, we build memories at the dining room table, teach our kids to read on the sofas and chairs, and get our babies to sleep in rockers. Furniture is a very important part of our daily lives. Therefore, we believe in partnering with the highest quality family owned furniture manufacturers this country has to offer. Why? So we can trust that manufacturing is done at the highest of standards. CR Laine, Harden, and Stickley remain our TOP 3 casegoods and upholstery manufacturers. They are all, in fact, family owned and made in America.

Our company has had relationships with nearly all of the finest manufacturers since 1928. Unfortunately, when the casegoods manufacturing started to rise overseas in China (1990’s) we noticed that the quality and workmanship of products declined while the pricing increased. We solve this issue by ensuring that our products are made in America. This is how we give customers the highest quality casegoods there is to offer. These casegoods were always at risk of damage during the shipping process from China. We prefer less headaches for our customers as well as ourselves by offering the finest casegoods right here in the USA!


We are so proud to carry on the legacy of my great-grandfather, CJ Artis, whom with great ambition started his own company, CJ ARTIS FURNITURE SHOP, in 1928 when the economy wasn’t the greatest.

The company spent their first twenty-five years at 12th Street & Grand Avenue (1201 Grand). Then moved out west in 1953, to 2507 Ingersoll Avenue and the store was renamed Artis Furniture Company.

The company spent 45 years at the 2507 Ingersoll location before the bold decision was made to move west to 100th Street. In December of 1998, the new building opened for business until the housing crisis disrupted consumer confidence.  In 2009 the 100th street location closed.

CJ built his company policy around providing the best product at a fair price with exceptional service. The same still rings true today!

Besides being a respected business man, he was a wonderful family man, a dedicated Mason and Potentate for the Za-Ga-Zig shrine.

We are now located just north of Hickman on the east side of 100th Street: 2655 100TH Street.

The business is operated by Patty and Beth Artis, however Bill Sr., Bill Jr., and Jay play very important roles behind the scenes!

Stop in and get a smile from our best employee, Baron—our family dog and company mascot!



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