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2655 100th St
Urbandale, IA 50322


Charleston Forge

<strong>Charleston Forge</strong>

You can’t believe what goes in to making your special piece of furniture. Because making beautiful furniture in America is Charleston Forge’s passion, it makes it easy for us to help you design the piece you desire. Each piece is crafted by true artisans (yes, magnificent blacksmiths) in Boone, North Carolina. They forge hot metal, hand plane solid wood tops, so you can enjoy and feel a “sense of hand” in every piece they make. There are no high-speed production lines there―each piece is made one at a time, by hand.

Charleston Forge furniture is beautiful, but it is designed to be used―not pampered. And speaking of “not pampered,” not only does Charleston Forge make residential furniture, they make furniture for restaurants, hotels, resorts, assisted living facilities, offices, conference rooms, kitchen cabinet suppliers, granite and marble fabrication houses (who need strong bases to support their heavy tops).  And, don’t be surprised to see their products in STARBUCKS!

“Sourcing managers with the Starbucks Global Store Development team are always looking for high-quality, handmade furniture,” a statement from Starbucks said regarding its collaboration with Charleston Forge.

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